VK3/VN-004 and VK3/VN-002

Activated VK3/VN-004 and VK3/VN-002 Wed 30 Jan 2013.

APRS No. Dipole Yes. Seasonal activation Yes

This is a candidate for activation during winter. 8K walking on cleared tracks.  

Tracks 30102013

Left 4:30 arrived Snobs Creek 8:30. 4 hrs. Wallabys everywhere so you have to take it slow.  Parked car in clearing at end of Snobs Creek Rd. Made VK3/VN-004 just after 11:00 so 2:30hrs to summit. APRS was flacky at best. GPS reception suffered under heavy treed cover however still usable.  Walked up BullFight Rd. This is a seasonally locked track. Good track but would need a 4WD to go deeper into as there are trees across and rocks over the road. Subies with low and a small chainsaw would do just nice. 


It’s a good walk on track. The final 1.2K to Mt Bullfight is bush. If you follow the track around the bush clears up and its a nice walk. I stayed to the front of the ridge across the flattest part. Saw a deer. Evidence of fires everywere. You get black from setup but no worries as there is a creek crossing track so can wash up.


FInished up at 12:00 and walked back following the track back to car. The track to VN-002 is Conn Gap Rd. Logs across road. The blackberry is everywhere. Don’t bother trying to drive up. Leave car at end of Snobs creek Rd and walk. Its quick going on track  and only 800m bush for the final stage. You have to find a spot to get through the blackberry. The undergrowth is heavy with fire regrowth, rocks and fallen timber. 


To top of Bill Head is another nice spot. large rocks and lots of antenns spots.


Walked back to car. Took me 45m to travel the 800 from summit to track. Found a derelict track running along the ridge. It is overgrown and has trees over it but you are able to move fast on the edge. 1:30 to get to car. Next Elidon NP.

APRS 30012013

APRS was disappointing. The car (VK3HRA-1) ok on highway but no packets once down Snobs Creek Rd . The handheld relies on repeating through the car so no joy there but did get a packet out at 12:11 via VK3RMG-1 as coming down from Mt Bullfight.

<log from VN-004>

<log from VN-002>


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