Activated VK3/VS-012 Mt Marum-Marum  11th March 2013.

APRS Yes. Dipole Yes. Seasonal activation N/A


Mt Marum-Marum is in the Serra Ranges. This peak over looks the area that was on fire previously. There were no fires this time. 

Left early to avoid the heat of day and ended up parking the car 7:00.

The track is sand and closed so parked and walked up track for approx. 1.5K before turning to walk up the mountain. Went up the ridge line to avoid the rocky outcrops and valleys.  

Took longer to work through the bush as no tracks and basically a hard slog. No snakes but rocks and lots of spiders.

Got to top and setup to the west as there are no trees to hide under so hide under the scrub to stay out of sun. 

31 contacts including 4 S2S contacts. Its great to have so many S2S contacts.

Gone are the days of calling to gain contacts. The chasers are all over sotawatch and the run to UTC switch day very civil.  

18 before UTC switch over,

Screen Shot 2013 03 12 at 10 01 14 PM

and 13 after.

Screen Shot 2013 03 12 at 10 01 33 PM

There was no noise and received great signal reports. Didn’t charge the battery through a full cycle due to power going off night before so switched power on the FT817 down to 2.5 watts with only slight degeneration in reports. QRP rules !  Got the contacts. had a look around, re-applied sunscreen so time to go. 

Followed the ridge back down. Going down and avoided steeper parts. The heat came. It got hotter. Carrying water. There was relief once down the mountain under the trees but non relief on the track. 

The car was showing 43℃ by the time I got to it. Two hours drive home before could have a shower and beer. 

APRS work very well. The majority of packets were through VK3RPG. Only when close to car did it relay.


View of the mountain from the road.

IMG 0360

View from top looking down the route back down. Looks like lawn from here. It is straight down from here.

IMG 0358

View of the dipole on the top.  7M squid pole with ends just above the foliage. Received great signal reports. No noise  

IMG 0356

Looking towards Victoria Ranges. You can’t see it well in these photos but the bush on the other side of clearing is burnt out.

Can’t avoid the heat so leaving early and taking plenty of water is a good plan. No snakes. No Fires. Great signal reports so overall a good activation.




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