Activated VK3/VW-001 Gurdgaragwurd/D’Alton Peaks  24th March 2013.

APRS Yes. Dipole Yes just. Seasonal activation N/A

D’Alton Peaks is in the top of the Serra Range. Next to Mt Rosea. Missed the turn up to Rosea track and had to drive all the way through Halls gap as the road is one way.  Given the rain and wind considered activating Mt William instead but decided that the weather will not improve running into winter. Will keep Mt William for winter weekend. 

I was 1:20 min late. The trek up was a lot harder than expected. Not hard just thick and wet. The rocks were slippery. Took it easy.

Took dipole however will not should I activate this summit again. The vegetation  was very dense and the size of the dipole was causing grief. However it did make a good walking pole. 


Marsh at top of summit

Vegitation 001

Vegetation.  Very harsh,

Vegetation 002

View on way down. Weather clearing up.

The actual summit is a rocky outcrop at the top. The top is all but a marsh.  GPS was telling me 1006m so setup out of the wind and wet  short of the outcrop but still in the activation zone. Had no intention climbing on top rock to be exposed and rained on. The dipole worked very well with up to 59 reports from Melb and VK5. 

Amazing, two weeks ago activated VS-012 Mt Marum-Marum  (11th March 2013) where the entire activation was planned to avoid the heat of the days. It was dry and peaked at 43C. Today rain mist and 20C. 

GPS track

Took and rode bike down Rosea track 3K each way then walked up the hill another 3k each way. Didn’t crash this time.

SOTA bike

SOTA Bike. Faster that walking and better that taking cars down bush tracks. Got big tyres as the tracks are sandy. Works a treat. 

18 contacts in 30 min. 2 S2S both with VK1. The difference between activating Mt Rosea (Jul/2012) where only made 4 contacts and had to crash a net to get them to today where summit qualified in 6 min. Even made 2m contacts with lads replacing VK3RWZ on Mt William not in log. Rain was smudging log and pen failed. No issues had a spare.

100 7282


Didn’t chase CW. Didn’t have time to play . 

Another good activation. Very happy with getting this one in the bag.


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