VK3/VW-004 and VK3/VW-023

Activated VK3/VW-004 Mt Warrinaburb/Lubra and VK3/VW-023 Twin Peak  29th March 2013.

APRS Yes via VK3RPG. Seasonal activation N/A.  KRMNPA – Grampians NP.

Dipole No. The vegetation is too thick to be carrying squid pole. Need hands to climb the rocks. 

Came from east this time. Parked car at end of track to Mt William car park off Grampians Rd. The walk is less than 2K from grampians Rd. For the other activations have been coming from Rosea Rd or Henham track. Typically involves 2 to 4km of track from car before going scrub. Decided to come from road this time. The goal was to climb to the flat area between the two summits. The contours didn’t look any worse than those you have to negotiate when coming from behind. The plan worked well. Halfway up found grooves made from rocks coming down in storms. Normally I avoid following creeks due to the increased vegetation but this made the trip easier. Ended up following one right up to the base of Mt Lubra. I was <300 meters from  the summit but this was rock face. Followed contours around to the target area between the summits however climbed too high and ended up caught in rocks. Had to go down losing height to come around.

100 7286

View along the ‘track’ cut by rocks, logs and water through the scrub along the creek lines. You would not want to be here in a real storm. Mt Lubra is visible at top. Had several attempts to get up Mt Lubra,


The maps don’t show the rock outcrops to the south.  Happy to scamper up rocks but this was a real rock face. Fairly obvious  once you look at the terrain. 

My battery was not fully charged so only ran 2.5 watts to conserve power. No noise. QRP works fine from summits. Used handheld to call on 2m with no joy.  

Studied the layout from Mt Lubra before going to Twin Peak. You can see the rocky face in the photos below. Mt Lubra is of the same composition but has higher vegetation cover. Went west down the ridge line and then cut across through 2m high bush then up the ridge line to the activation zone.  Being able to view the vegetation cover made for a better plan.

100 7284

Thick vegetation looking east between the summits. The vegetation was taller than me and has sharp spikes. GPS reception fails in this heavy scrub so best to cover up and crash through. Once covered this not too bad. No spiders and there are animal tracks to follow. The fallen timber from burnt trees provides challenges. This is worse at top. Don’t try to avoid, stomp right on top of them and keep moving.

Twin peak was more exposed. Made 8 contacts again. Nothing on 2m. Better signals then Mt Lubra. Had a go at CW with no response. Packed up and straight down the side to followed the creek I could see from above out for a better descent. Made back to car in great time.  It is only 1.5Km from track and track easy walk. Had a couple of spots where climbing down rock faces that would be water falls in the wet so decided to part with creek and take ridge line before the vegetation got too thick. Overall a better activation plan them coming from behind. Saved time with access but still late.

Recently the gym next to work made an reduced cost offer which I took up. Have been able to take lunch time spin classes. These are starting to pay off. There still is a bit of rock climbing (its a case of all fours) so would not want to be trying in real wet conditions  

100 7288

The views from here are magnificent. Slight haze from mist. Left the SD card out of camera so only limited photos. Deleted some of the trip up to take these two.  View of Twin Peak  from Mt Lubra and Mt William and Major Mitchell Plateau from Twin Peak. 

100 7287

Overall a successful activation.

Would recommend as the proximity of these two summits make for a big but not impossible day. Come up fro  the front and all the hard work is done early. The walk out involves a small amount of climbing but once find the tracks cut its a quick trip down to the fire track. Just remember to bail to find the ridge line before the vegetation gets too thick towards the end.   




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