Ballarat Amateur Radio Group Field Day – SUNDAY 14th. APRIL 2013


LOg 14042013



Lots of chasers on 40m and now 2m SUNDAY 14th. APRIL  2013.

BARG’s Field Day is around again and we invite BARG members to once again participate. We hope that you will take the opportunity to operate portable at the place of your choice for as long as you want and even invite friends to join in. The rules have changed to incorporate 2m FM on 146.500Mhz. with the same rules as for HF.

The winning station will be announced at the April BARG meeting.
The winning station will have had to participated as a “field station” and not deriving its power from the mains! Field stations can score from any other amateur stations.
The highest scoring BARG “home” station will also be acknowledged!
If operators can provide photos of their field stations for inclusion in the BARG News this will certainly add to the spirit of the day.

Event.      BARG   Field Day.
Bands.     40m. 7050khz  to 7100khz. and 2m FM 146.500Mhz
Mode.      Voice Modes.
Time.       10.30am – 3.30pm.  ( 0030 – 0530  UTC.)
-Members may operate as long as they wish within the above time slot and may change
  portable QTH as required but must be shown on Log sheet.
-Members exchange numbers as per standard contest procedure, eg 59001 as the first
  contact including call sign worked, time (local) and frequency.
-Score 5 points per contact with each club member.
-Score 1 point per VK3 non club member.
-Score 2 points per VK1/2/5/7 non club member.
-Score 3 points per VK4/6 non club member.
-Score 1 point per DX contact.
-Score 6 points for contacting the club station VK3BML.
-Portable Field stations can claim one extra point per contact as per the scoring above. This is to encourage portable station operation in the field by our club members.
-For scoring purposes only one contact per hour per station is permitted.
-Record time of contact in local time but no grid square information is required.
-Transceiver power to be shown along with antenna details.
 Log sheets are to be forwarded to Harry, VK3KGL, 29 Cromwell Street Sebastopol, 3355 showing your claimed score. They can be submitted electronically, posted, or hand delivered. Number the log sheets and please sign.
 All logs must be submitted by 5pm on Monday 22nd of April. 2013.      
  The decision of the adjudicator will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.

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