13042013 – VK3/VS-015 and VK3/VS-018

Activated VK3/VS-015 13 April 2013.

Activated VK3/VS-018 13 April 2013.

Dipole Yes. APRS Limited


VK3VS 015

These summits are on the Pyrenees ranges. You can really see the ridge line from Glenlofty-Warrenmang Rd. Turn into Blue Mountain rd to gt to VS-015. It is well signed. The road is dirt and 2wd. Parked 2km from the summit. Really didn’t want to take the car up the roads. Not real heavy 4WD but you would need low range to climb some sections of the track. Would be interesting if wet. Took the bike but the gradient was too steep. Had to walk the bike up several sections. Coming back was lightning fast ! Follow the track. No bush involved here. Took tent as had bike and was expecting rain and wind. Also not expecting great conditions for comms as had received an alert,

INCOMING SOLAR STORM: A strong M6-class solar flare on April 11th has hurled a CME toward Earth. Geomagnetic storms and high-latitude aurorasare possible when the fast-moving cloud reaches our planet on April 13th.

It was quite but not dead. 

100 7334

24 contacts but it was a day for summit to summit contacts.

S2S log 13042013

Had new boots so brought shoes in a case has issues but only used to hold the radio up.


After  confirming contact with Peter VK3ZPF it was pack up and get to next summit. Was not sure how long this would take as on previous activation VK3WAM Wayne reported a tree across the road. Whilst the tree is still across the road, you can get around. The trip from VS-015 to VS-018 took less than a hour from last to first contact following Main Break road. Able to park just off the road 200m from the summit.

100 7338



VK3VS 018

Again a view of the Pyrenees ranges from Glenlofty-Warrenmang Rd. VS-018 is in the background. Setup just off the top on a clearing with a well placed stump for the squid pole.

Nice and clear. Good signals. Little rain. 

100 7337

11 contacts. 4 S2S contacts. 

VS 018 S2S Log

Picked up VK3ZPF/p on VK3/VC-011 (Britannia Range) on the way home unfortunately not a S2S but made it home on time.

APRS Limited. Some packets were picked up by VK3RPG-2 but the bulk were repeated by my car 


Nice clean activation. No bush bashing. Lots of time for S2S.


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