27042013 – VK3/VS-022

Activated VS-022 Sunday 27 April 2013 @  23:00 UTC

Dipole Yes. APRS Yes

Last summit in Sierra range. Access from behind travelling up Victoria Valley road. 

VS 022

VS 020 from VictoriaRange

Left home on 03:30. It took 2:30hrs to Frys Road. Parked car off road and started walking in the dark. Could hear the roos in the distance but not able to see anything. No issues as the first 1km is flat track before hit low scrub. 

100 7382

Not much to see in the dark. I mounted a video camera on my pack with limited results. Actually currently poor results. Next two pictures are from the video.

Vlcsnap 2013 04 30 21h20m17s123

Wet morning due to mist. It was magic to see the sun coming up over the valley on the way up. It took just on 3hrs to travel the 2.5Km through bush.

THe summit is narrow. There is a track running along the top. It is marked with yellow tape. Still rough but worth looking into as may have easier access from side. The peak is a collection of rocks. I stayed down and back hiding from the wind.

First contact with 23:12z with VK1NAM/P on VK1/AC-007. Had 3 minutes to spare as Andrew was planning to leave the summit at 23:15 after spending the night.

Worked 6 X 2S2 (VK1NAM,VK3ZPF and VK5CZ) both pre and post UTC on a day that was full of SOTA activity. Packed up 10:30 as still had intentions of activating VK3/VS-020. 


 The current level of SOTS activity is quite remarkable. After chasing the other activators I qualified the summit in 5 minutes. It is a pleasure to work the ‘regulars’  and get new contacts each time. My apologies for not remembering names. Am getting there.

Vlcsnap 2013 04 30 21h11m07s5

Still cold on the way down. Feet developing blisters due to new boots that had not been worn in before going out.

28042013 actual

 Proposed track in purple and actual track from GPS overlaid onto Shonky maps. It was the correct choice to approach the lower point then follow the ridge line. 


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