Proposed activations for 09062013

Back to pickup three summits on Sunday 09 May 2013



VK/VN-012 Mt Mitchell

VK3WAM activated and has blog entries describing a 2WD track so lets start the day there,

Map VN 012

Down through Healesville for morning tea then off for more. 

VK3/VC-006 Mt St Leonards

VK3WAM/P on 13 Apr 2013 VK3ZPF on 11 Mar 2013 VK3ZPF on 10 Mar 2013 VK3MCD on 20 Jan 2013 VK3AFW/P on 01 Jan 2013

Access from Monda rd and a stroll to the summit

VC 006

Back through Healesville then off for the last, 

VK3/VC-033 Mt Toolebewong

It appears the plan here is to park at Moora Rd. and Nyora Rd. and walk up looking for a small track between private property signs.

Previous Activations,

27/Apr/2013 VK3MRG/P 26/Apr/2013 VK3MRG/P 10/Apr/2013 VK3KAN/P 10/Apr/2013 VK3FMDV/P 29/Mar/2013 VK3MCD/P 24/Mar/2013 VK3PF/P 23/Mar/2013 VK3WAM/P 03/Mar/2013 VK3YY 02/Mar/2013 VK3YY 10/Feb/2013 VK3ZPF 09/Feb/2013 VK3ZPF

VC 033

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