26052013 – VK3/VC-009, VK3VC-011 and VC-008

Activated Mt Bride VK3/VC-009 26 May 2013

Activated Britannia Range VK3/VC-011 26 May 2013

Activated Hyde Hill VK3/VC-008 26 May 2013

Dipole Yes. APRS No

These summits have been popular as a group.  

Turn into Burns Rd off approx 5k’s off Old Warburton Rd. Dirt road but quite good. It was wet but no issues with slipping. 

GPS 26052013

GPS log of travels. APRS next to useless. 

APRS 26052013

Mt Bride VK3/VC-009


Parked my car at the intersection of Burns Rd and Mt Birde rd. You can drive further but the ditch just before the gate was more that prepared for. Its 1.6 km from intersection to summit along open clear tracks. Keep your eyes open for the track up to summit. Easy to miss. Its just before the first real left turn. I did and walked down the track a while looking for a better option but came back and went up. The track improves as you go.



The track clears up. You can see my squid pole to the left. Setup off track in case motor bikes came alone. Could hear them all day.


View from GPS at summit. The contour lines are set for 20m. So you are looking for the highest point and once in the final circle in the activation zone.

28 contacts with UTC switch over. Signals were down but thats not unusual early in the day. 

Britannia Range VK3/VC-011

Stay on Mt Bride Rd for another 10 minutes. Basically follow the road. Once have driven down to cross a creek you start to go up and Britannia Range Rd comes up on the right. 


The road was wet and definitely not 2WD.  Left car at the bottom as good parking and walked up. The walk was straight up. There were several motor bikes but no issues.

Elevation Markup

Found a spot in the zone where just off track at the top. The scrub had been cleared so setup dipole. Good signals. Qualified the summit and worked all comers so happy to pack up and move onto the next.

Hyde Hill VK3/VC-008


View looking up to the summit. There was still smoke coming from the logs. VK3ZPF tells me it was also smoking when he was there in April. It made for easy access but I had to question the point of leaving timber that can burn for weeks behind. To clear up rubbish or to clear weeds is ok but this was solid timber.  


View looking back from the top. Only had to venture into the bush 20m to setup. According the GPS the top of the coup was in the zone but I wanted to get away from the dead timber to avoid getting ash in equipment. Only S2S for the weekend with VK3PI on VK3/VC-014 – Mt Disappointment

In all a good day. These summits work well as a group. The roads through are all dirt but good to excellent quality. No need for 4WD if happy to walk a couple of K’s.



2 responses to “26052013 – VK3/VC-009, VK3VC-011 and VC-008”

  1. vk1nam says :

    Thanks Allen great material for future reference. I hope to activate these summits when I next visit Melbourne.

    • allen says :

      These three make a great set that can be done in a easy day. Close to Melbourne on good roads. Peter VK3PF has driven further up the tracks in his subie but can be done on foot. I’ll send maps and gps log if helps.

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