APRS is not plug and play.  You have to do some reading and don’t be afraid to ask existing users.

Links to documents

K9DCI – APRS Beginner Guide

 TM-D710A/E Geting Acquainted with APRS and EchoLink


The ISS happens to be the second brightest object in the night sky after the moon, and its size and proximity to Earth means you’ll be able to spot it without the need for binoculars or a telescope. I have successfully sent packets to ISS with the VX8-G stock antenna. It is a simple setup,

  • Set the path setting for ISS to ARISS AND WIDE2-1.
  • Set the aprs freq is 145.825
  • Beacon when you know ISS is overhead
then checkout http://www.ariss.net/ and search for your call sign.

ISS 21092012

Setup to use car to digirepeat handheld.

VX-8G Settings

  • path setting is WIDE1-1 AND WIDE2-2
  • aprs freq is 145.175
  • 3 min Interval

DT-710 Settings


Wheres Allen ?

Points to check,


Check the mode is correct. Pressing this button acidentally will turn beaconing off.

Check the DigiPath setting before going out.



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