Whilst SOTA activations are all carry in, you can use car in KRMNPA activations.

FT 817


Yaesu FT817. 1.2 kg.

2700 mAh internal battery.

5000mAh (3 Cell 11.1v) Li-Po external battery

T1 tuner.

Camel pack with 3L water bladder.

First aid kit.

etrex 30 GPS

VX-8G handheld

maps & compass



HF Vertical, Buddistick. Tunned to 40m and 20m.

Actually a center fed dipole ‘L’. Use a camera tripod to get 1.8m off ground.

The antenna and tripod pack down to a bag that fits on side of backpack.

Works well. Ideal for thick scrub.



40m Dipole. Cut to 7.090. Use a 7m Squidpole. Excellent prefromer. 

If carrying the squippole (1.6m long) is not a issue then this is the antenna to use.


VHF/UHF Beam. Need tripod and 1.6m length of poly pipe. Good preformer. A lot to carry so 2m activations are planned.


9:1 UNUN ( on mimi 4m squid pole. The mini pole could not handle 20m of 18G wire but more that happy with the 10m counterpoise for the Buddistick. No need to tune. 


Setup in backyard for test. Received 56 into VK5 with 10m wire. No tuner. 


HF antenna on car,


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