VK3/VN-012, VK3/VC-006 and VK3/VC-033

Activated VK/VN-012 Mt Mitchell

Activated VK3/VC-006 Mt St Leonards

Activated VK3/VC-033 Mt Toolebewong

APRS 09062013

APRS Limited. Fine from car. Worked from VC-033.

These summits have good access and could be done in harsh weather. 

VK3/VN-012 Mt Mitchell

Good roads. Several options. I followed the GPS. No issues except for the log over the road on the way up. Not a big log but too big to drive over and could not move. 

Log VN 012Could have gone back and up Mt Mitchell road. Properly a better choice than Ure Rd anyway. Decided to park car and walk the rest. Brisk 3.6k each way. Had time as would still make pre UTC contacts.





The walk was enjoyable. It was a great morning. Above the fog. Clear sky. Setup on the track using a log for a seat and base for squid pole.  Great spot. Good signals. Clear sky. This is as good as it gets.

GPS batteries ran flat but not an issue as have maps and spare batteries. Following roads anyway. Just have to ensure find the turnoffs.

VN 012 Summit

VN 012 S2S

15 contacts before UTC and 12 after. Three S2S and one SANPCPA contacts. 

Meet up with VK3MRG Marshall on the way down. Checked out his 4WD after the log across the road. He could have driven over it! Marshall was off to Mt Mitchell. Have meet a couple of SOTAians recently. Meet VK3BYD Warren at the base of Mt Glenrowan friday night. It was too dark to go up the hill but more that happy to compare summits and plans. Looking forward to dinner coming up in Melbourne.

VK3/VC-006 Mt St Leonards

VC 006 Summit

S8 noise. Lots of tourists. This is a busy summit. 18 contacts all up. Four S2S contacts.  Followed the road up but followed the power lines back. 

VC 006 S2S

VK3/VC-033 Mt Toolebewong

Used the GPS to navigate to the turn and verify the summit. Parked at the base of the final road. Nice parking spot. 400M walk.

VC 033 track


It would appear the summit is not at the top of the hill. Happy to stay away from the antenna there so stayed in the ferns.

VC 033 Summit

Contacted VK3ANL Nick who was on Mt Macadon from the car on the way up so first call was to try for a 2M S2S. Yep worked fine and there was a bit of activity. Worked another two 2M stations before setting up the dipole. Setup in the ferns. Was waiting for the Pixies to join me. Could have qualified with 2m hand held but was glad for 40M as picked up VK3WAM Wayne on VW-033. Last contact was with VK3MRG Marshall for another 2M S2S. 19 contacts all up. 

VC 033 S2S

The Lipo battery is impressing me. Still showed 12.1 v after three activations. Running the FT817 at full 5w !! Dipole was faultless.

It was a big day during a big weekend full of SOTA. I counted 60 alerts on SotaWatch. Ended up with three summits activated, 10 S2S contacts, 2 NP and 150 odd chaser points. Only issue was should have gone home visiting VK3AMB as the traffic through Melbourne sucked. Spent 50m from Healesville to the first set of lights. The trip home via King lake would not have been longer. Live and learn.


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