15062013 – VK3/VS-050

Activated Mt Leuran 15 June 2013

Dipole Yes. APRS Yes.

Seasonal Bonus No. 

Have had my eye on this one for a while. My in-laws live on land out of Camperdown. We were there for nieces 5th birthday. The birthday girl was quite sick so a quite event. After lunch stole away (with permission) to pickup the hill. As I was driving there the SOTA Goat went off. Didn’t check but thought ‘great a S2S once there’. Once parked the car in the car park could see what looked like an antenna and sure enough VK3DET Ernie was at the top chatting away.

We compared notes and equipment. Same radio (FT817) but there rest of setup different. Mine is a lighter minimalist setup whilst Ernie could stay for the long term with solar cells to keep the battery fresh.    

Strapped by pole to the other end of the bench as Ernie was finishing up and set about activating.

Was a little bit concerned that a low scoring summit that had been activated minutes before hand may not be of interest but no, the chasers came in.  I was reward for my efforts with a S2S with VK3YY on VT-010 and a NP contact with VK5AIM at Sandy Creek.

If the current levels of SOTA activations keeps up we will have to start scheduling summits to ensure a space for all.

Recommend this summit if you are in the area. Easy access from town, great views 



APRS 15062013



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