29062013 – VK3/VC-030

Activated Flinders Peak 29 June 2013

Dipole Yes. APRS Yes.

Seasonal Bonus No. 

Have kept this one up my sleeve for a while. My in-laws live in Lara about 10m away. 

There was activity planned so decided to go up to chase. It turned put too be a great day for S2S contacts as picked up 4 stations,

VK3PF/P @ VK3/VT-022 (Conners Plain)

VK3MCD/P @ VK3/VE-087 (Bald Hill)

VK3WAM/P @ VK3/VC-003 (Mt Ritchie)

VK5CZ/P @ VK5/NE-055 (The Battery)

which brought my S2S total up to 500. The best place to chase is from a summit ! 


Three 2M whilst the rest on 40M.  DSCN0082

This is a busy track.There were families, runners and walkers constituently. Got to the top but went back down to the chair as too many people around.

There were also a bike race through the park. Its good to see the resources in use.


APRS 29062013

Was a good day. Worth getting out of bed on a Saturday.


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