12072013 – VK3/VN-001

Activated VK3/VN-001 (Mt Torbreck) 12th July 2013

Seasonal Bonus Yes ! 10+3

Dipole Yes. APRS Yes. VK3HRA-1-> VK3RLE-1 Lake Elidon (37°02.59′ S 145°58.90′ E).

APRS 12072013


Map actual

Parked the car off Snobs Creek Rd. Intended to drive up to the bridge on Conn Gap rd but there was a tree across road. Too big to move and still have not started taking chainsaw so drove back down and parked to walk up.  Apparently you can gain access to Barnwell Plains with 2WD but access via Snobs Creek road easy enough. 4.2 Km each way on open tracks. Actual is in blue whilst planned in purple. The track had been cleaned up from Barnwell Plains. It looked like a 4WD motor bike had been driven up.

Hit snow at 1200 meters. Provided a challenge in the steep parts of the path but overall not thick enough to be a issue.  Another clear day on top of the world.

MtTorbreck 002


2 X S2S contacts, VK1NAM/P VK1/AC-040 (Mt Ainslie) and VK1DA/P VK3/VG-034 (Mt Delegate). 28 contacts in 40 minutes. This was the most ever for me. Remarkable as Friday mid-day activation.

Packed up and walked out. No rain. Though of activating another summit (Pyramid Hill) on way home but the track was locked so would have had a long walk in dark so decided to get home and prepare for next day as off to Mt Matlock with VK3YY.



One response to “12072013 – VK3/VN-001”

  1. vk1nam says :

    Hi Allen, Andrew VK1DA was on Mt Delegate.

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