13072013 – VK3/VC-001

Activated VK3/VC-001 (Mt Matlock) 13072013

Dipole Yes. APRS No.

Seasonal Bonus Yes ! 8 +3

Joined by VK3YY Glenn for this trip. It is great to have company on activations and a interesting situation to meet people who you have been talking to weekly for a couple of months now.

Glenn had recently obtained a AWD so keen to take on a activation so we took it up the track. She performed quite well on the dirt even with a flat tyre. The final 1.5km to the summit is up a 4WD track named Corn Hill Road which the AWD climbed with no issues. The only real concern was we were able to drive to the summit. Got out and got the packs on, walked out and back into the activation zone to arrive on the peak. A contrast to the 6hr trek VK1NAM/P and VK1RX/P were undertaking at the same time.




VK3YY with his ‘cute’ antenna. Whilst its performance was cute would be useful as a backup device due to size and weight.


VK3HRA working 40m with the repaired dipole.

Glenn was trying to activate on 12m with no joy so we shared the 40m setup to qualify the summit and collect the S2S opportunities.

6 X S2S Contacts for the day,

VK3DET/P VK3/VS-013 (Mount Lonarch)
VK3FMDV/P VK3/VC-007 (Mt Macedon)
VK1DI/P VK1/AC-028 (Billy Range)
VK1RX/P & VK1NAM/P VK1/AC-010 (Sentry Box Mountain)
VK3MCD/P VK3/VE-006 (Mt Hotham)

Contacts 13072013

with 23 contacts overall.  

The weather reports were all predicting late showers so we were keen on activating before the rain. I had been out activating all this week and had avoided bad weather. During the week whilst exchanging emails we decided to dress for wet and expected to be chased off the hill by rain. Whilst the sky was grey and gloomy, it was clear at the top with great views. VK3DET/p was describing rain at Mt Lonarch so the weather was coming across as expected. Qualified the summit and were well down the hill before the rain started. 

Apart from the flat tyre on the trip up, overall it was another great day.  Thanks for company Glenn and hope the tyre is not a complete write off.


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