28072013 – VK3/VE-073 and VK3/VE-123

VK3/VE-073 and VK3/VE-123 Sunday 28072013

Seasonal Bonus Yes ! 8+3 for VE-073.

Joined by VK3YY Glenn for this trip. Put his new AWD to good use.

APRS – Got one packet into VK3RLE-1 from the handheld from top of Mt Timbertop.

Straight forward access but it has to be said that access is steep. The track to Mt Timbertop weaves and drags a 1.2k plan out to 1.95 actual. VE-123 is lower but straight up towards the end. 

The views from the top remind you why you are here.


Actual over planned. This new generation Garmin GPS is really cool.

Screen Shot 2013 07 29 at 12 39 36 PM

It was a case of follow the track for VE-073 and road for VE-123. Easy to navigate but VE-123 would not be hard in bad weather but questionable due to the steepness of the track and exposure on top. Very little to hide under.


VK3YY Glenn looking down on the way back. This was typical of access to VE-123.

Height 28072013

Elevation. This was steep.  I’m still slow going up but look at the graph. May need a quick rest but we still made up in half the expected time. Good to be  ahead of time in harsh environment.


Speed 28072013

Speed. Ok we used the car for 2km between summits which was also the flattest component. The 2Km saving may have been the difference between a great activation to a hard slog.

VE-073 Mt Timbertop.

Park car at the Mt Timbertop saddle car park. You follow Howqua track from Mt Buller Rd out of Mansfield. Good 2WD track. There are seats and a wood BBQ so you could make a picnic of it. The track to the summit is clearly marked and in good condition.  


There was a weather front coming across so we setup to the right of the summit to get out of wind. There were snow patches above 1200m but nothing to worry about.


VK3YY Operating 40m. 20 QSO’s all up including S2S with VK3MRG/p, VK3XL/p and VK3BHR/p. There were QRP and portable contacts with VK1NAM/p2 and VK3CAT/p is still testing. Great signals all round and also interest from the chasers to work the summit twice ensure we qualified. SOTA is defiantly a team sport. 

VK3DET reported rain coming across and we were keen to stay ahead of the weather so shutdown early and headed off to VE-123.


You can drive down Three Chain Track to reduce the distance but only gain 2Km along the easiest portion. The activation zone is at the highest point on the road so whilst a climb, easy access. Taking 2Km out of the walk with Glenns AWD kept spirits up. Parked the car off track once it was clear no gain to go forward. There was a 4WD that was coming up behind us but it decided to turn around and leave. Correct identification as to a couple of nutters out in the bush but maybe false identification of squid poles as guns. 

17 QSO’s including S2S with VK3MRG. Reports from VK5EE describing thunderstorms coming across encouraged a quick operation. The wind had picked up but no rain and temperature above 10C but still aware of whats coming. We decide to collect brownie points at home so packed up and went home without looking for more activations. Will be activation Mt Timbertop again but VE-123 is questionable. Maybe the Paps on way home instead.

Finished up a couple of hours ahead and whilst the wind had picked up and cold still in good conditions.

A great activation that could have gone sour had the weather turned. Thanks Glenn for support and waiting for me to catch up.

Looking forward to the next…





One response to “28072013 – VK3/VE-073 and VK3/VE-123”

  1. Andrew VK1NAM says :

    Hi Allen, thanks a very interesting summit profile with lots of challenges. I like the pictures showing the set up and the slope at the peak, amazing.
    Andrew, Vk1NAM

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