03082013 – VK3/VC-023

03082013 – VK3/VC-023 (Mt Bolton)

With the weather turning quite nasty I decided to revisit local summits.

VC 023

View from North. 

Mt Bolton was the first point of call. There are several references to motor bike trials conduction on Mt Bolton but the wrong summit. The SOTA point is a fair distance from what is locally known as Mt Bolton. There are also references to Mt Bolton LandCare group and revegetation activity on the ridge line. I  drove up Mt Bolton Rd parking my car just off the road as there were signs to follow for the recent LandCare activity. Walked up the track and veered off across the top to be in the activation zone without crossing any fences. 


Setup dipole in the rain and fog and was rewarded with S2S with VK3UA on VK3/VS-050 and VK3ZPF and VK3YY on VK3/VT-034 thus proving I’m not the only mad man out in this weather. 21 overall contacts so packed up and moved on to try my luck for VK3/VC-020 Forest Hill.

Screen Shot 2013 08 19 at 8 30 32 PM

This is my second attempt to resolve Forest Hill. Previously I had gained access to the hlll behind owned by the Forests who I known the son whilst the father is a ham. Just the wrong hill. I was pointed to the current owner, a farmer who lives off Kingston Rd was was not home.

DSCN0172 Stopping to take the photo on the dirt road and I nearly bogged the car turning around. It was so wet that was not concerned to call it a day and go home.

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