31082013 – VK3/VC-020

31082013 – VK3/VC-020 – (Forest Hill)

Forest Hill

Once secured permission, access is easy as good roads and open cleared paddocks. The electric fences are a bigger issue than the lazy bull. It was a warm spring day but the wind was feirce at the top. Would not want to be there in winter rain. Nowhere to hide. Stayed close to fence line. There were poles to strap squid pole to on top. Great views of the area. The wild was making hearing interesting but not impossible.


Up on site by 23:30. Took a little bit to get antenna stored in the wind and on air by 23:45. Made 16 contacts pre UTC including several stations waiting for the launch of VK2 and VK4 on 01092013 00:00 UTC. Was rewarded with 4 S2S contacts, 

Screen Shot 2013 09 01 at 8 14 34 PM

24 contacts after UTC before having to pack up.  Short activation as had a family Fathers Day lunch commitment ironically at a restaurant 1Km away. Happy to pick up this summit and be involved on the first day of VK2. Still looking forward to first VK4 contact.

This is private Land. For access contact Norm on 53457444. Best to call ahead but he is happy to give access and just lives across the road. 


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