02092013 – VK3/VE-076

02092013 – VK3/VE-076 Mt Tawonga

After looking at the map whilst working Marshall VK3MRG on Mt Tawonga. Eskdale Spur has several summits on the track including Mt Bogong so really a case of working out access. I decided to go and have a look for myself.  My plan was to drive in on good roads trying to avoid 4WD tracks and walk in. Bay Creek Rd looked like the best bet as well marked and off Kiewa Valley Hwy. It Didn’t get very far along Bay Creek Rd before hitting gates. The first gate I ran into had no signs and was unlocked. Not wanting to trespass I decided to drive back down and come up past the winery. Hit another gate that had a private property sign. Hmm , better get some local knowledge. Ended up having a chat to Michael who was working in the fields past the winery. He told me the first gate was the best access as it was a public fire track so access not an issue. He also had a look at my maps and confirmed the other track from Eskdale Spur was old and overgrown so don’t bother.  

Actual 02092013

Was able to park just up from gate. Whilst a 4WD would have no issues with this road and during summer you could get a 2WD further, it was too wet to drive on. It was the first day of spring. Still a lot of water around. This was short of the planned parking spot.

GPS Data

Walked up following Bay Creek Rd. Had planned for 4.8K walk but ended up 6.6K each way. Steep but not a hard walk as quite open. 

Elevation 02092013

UntitledSetup 001

Setup the end fed across he road. It was the clearest position and received good reports.  Worked the usual culprits and new players, Peter VK3PF, Peter VK3FPSR, Ron VK3AFW, Ernie VK3DET, Rhett VK3GHX/m, Bernard VK3AMB, Andrew VK2ONZ and Rik VK3KAN/p. Quick operation as still had to get back down. 

UntitledSetup 002

Was not expecting to share but a bloke turned up in a 4WD as he was driving along Eskdale Spur. After showing him where he was on his map he told me that he had come up from Mountain Creek Road. Marshell described access from Redbank-Mongans Road involving access via private property and still involved a 3K walk each way. This was confirmed as the 4WD ended up coming up behind me as I was walking down Bay Creek Rd on the way back. He had hit private property signs so turned back. Still needs clarification but public access is available in and out of Eskdale Spur.   

Looking at Mt Hotham on the way down.

Mt Hotham

Not a bad result for the first day of Spring.

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