07092013 – VK2/RI-047

07092013 VK2/RI-047 (Galore Hill)

VK2 went live weekend before.  My first VK2 Summit !

My parents live in Berrigan where there no summits but 50 in the Riverina  area. This is the closest summit to Berrigan. Just out of Wagga near Lockhart.

Easy drive to top. No GPS pictures as VK2 summits were not in GPS. Very flat top so being in the zone not a issue.


Setup with no association to car.  


Using sign for squid pole to hold up the end fed. The end fed is proving to be quick and efficient. Ready for the upcoming 20m activity as this antenna was built with 20/40 in mind. The little SOTA tuner is great.

S2S between VK5PAS/p on VK3/VS-046 and VK3HRA/p on VK2/RI-047. Hmm anywhere else in the world and this would have been a international event. 

8 contacts  but as on the way to cousins wedding in Wagga with wife and parents happy to snag another summit bagging a new VK2 one and move on. 

Stay tuned for more activations from this area as plenty of cousins in Wagga and Lockhart.

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