Summits To Do List

Current Plans:

VK3/VT-013 (Mt Selma) and VK3/VT-016 (Mt Useful)

VK3/VT-005 (Trapyard Hill) and VK3/VT-012 (Cromwell Knob)

VK3/VT-002 (Mt Reynard) ,VK3/VT-031 (Mt Margaret) and VK3/VT-032

VK3/VT-003 (Picture Point Range) and VK3/VT-007 (Wellington Plateau)

VK3/VS-018 (Point 756 / Pyrenees) and VK3/VS-023 (Point 726/Victoria Range)


Summits to do list,

VK3/VT-022 (Conners Plain)

VK3/VC-016 (Mt Beenak) and VK3/VT-040 (Spion Kopje)

VK3/VN-027 (Mt Gordon) and VK3/VN-013 (Mt Despair)

VK3/VE-221 and VK3/VE-137 – (Bald Hill)

VK3/VE-134 – (Mt Terrible Spur)

VK3/VG-001 (Mt Cope)

VK3/VE-004 (Mt Nelse)

One response to “Summits To Do List”

  1. Andrew VK1NAM says :

    Hi Allen, I am planning to activate two VK3 summits on 28 Sep 13. Details are on SOTAWatch.
    Andrew, VK1NAM

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