112013 – Australian Alps Walking Track

Have taken from the 1st to the 4th of November off which including the public holiday for Cup Day on the 5th, gives 5 days off. Enough time for a multiple overnight trip exploiting the Alps Walking track before summer weather.

Will be leave home on the 1st and back home on the 4th of November 2013.

Alps Map4 Overview

Day One – Friday 1st November

Drive down to Melbourne then across taking the Princes Freeway to Traralgon. Head up inland to Licola turning right just before the bridge and heading up the Tamboritha Road. Take the left fork at the Junction then keep going until reach the Howitt Rd car park, which may take a little while as it’s not the best bit of gravel in the country and hope to pickup one summit on the way.

Access via Howitt Rd and Tamboritha Rd then Moroka Rd finally walking up to MacAlister Springs camping ground at base of Mt Howitt.

01112013 Map

  • VT-004 Pryces Plain

Will setup up the car to repeat APRS packets and leave at Howitt Plains camping ground. – UTM 55 H 5881423mN 472707mE Altitude1587.01m.  It is 6 km to Mt Howitt and has pit toilets, shelter and tank water. Then walk the 5Km up to Gantner Hut camping area or MacAlister Springs. This site has  toilets and water. The intend is to setup tent here to act as a base for the next two days.

Day Two – Saturday 2nd November

Mt Howitt to Mt Lovick Number of Stops: 3 Total Distance: 14.4 km

Mt Howitt to Mt Howitt total Distance: 27.0 km

  • VE-020 Mt Lovick
  • VE-016 King Billy No1
  • VE-012 Mt Marjorie

Then return to Mt Howitt for evening activation. Then back to base at MacAlister Springs. The plan is to trek out and activate on the return trip. If the terrain or weather is harsher than expected to reasonable then will drop Mt Lovick and only go as far as King Billy 1.

02112013 Map

02112013 Height

Day Three – Sunday 3rd November

MacCallister Springs to MacCallister Springs Total Distance: 24.6 km.

  • VE-043 Mt Despair
  • VE-022 Mt Speculation

Returning to Mt Howitt for evening activation. Then back to base at MacAlister Springs.

This is going to be a decent trip. 24Km return so will take all day.

03112013 Map

03112013 Height

Day Four – Monday 04th November

Drive home returning to Licola via Tamboritha Road picking up a summit on the way

  • VT-011 Mt Tambortitha
  • VT-002 Mt Reynard


Parks Victoria Fact sheets

Howitt, Snowy Range and Tali-Karng Wabonga Plateau, Mount Cobbler and Powers Lookout Map 04


Allens Maps

Overview –  Overview-Map.pdf

Day One – 01112013-Map.pdf

Day Two – 02112013-Map.pdf

Day Three – 03112013-Map.pdf


“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”


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