06102013 – VK3/VE-082 and VK3/VE-061

VK3/VE-082 Mt Yorke



Activation with VK3MRG Marshall. Marshall had been in the area blazing new frontiers and I joined him for a couple of activations. After meeting hime late Saturday we went up and had a look at the road to Mt Emu in preparation for Sunday. We only had an hour to dusk and neither of us were comfortable with the idea of travelling down in the dark. The road is average and littered with trees. No need to push the limits. 

We stayed at the Mountain Creek camping ground at the base. This site is in the Alpine National Park for KRMNPA activations. Intended to activated but found a shop selling cold beer and that was the end of that.

This is a good spot with toilets and fire pits. Could launch a walk up to Mt Bogong as well as the summits along the Kiewa Valley valley from here. It is a 2Km walk to the base of Staircase track then 6km up from there to Mt Bogong.  We were there for other summits. 

Drove up and through Mt Emu with the intent of travelling as far along the track as we could with a 4WD. Trimmed up one tree across the road to improve assess. Made it to Mt Emu no issues and kept going to activate Mt York first. HAd to stop as there was a tree that had fallen down across Eskdale Spur Track about 1.7Km from Mt Emu. We were not getting around this one. Time to walk. It is a straight forward walk. track to follow. Lots of ups and downs to tired you out. After a while we got concerned when we were not on the summit when should be. A quick check of the maps and GPS showed we were not on the track. Strange as there was a fine track here. The maps of the area are inaccurate. This includes the latest ‘Mitta Mitta’ (8324-N) VICMap which was last updated 2007. All show Eskdale Spur Track  running along the ridge line. There is a new road that follows the original track for most of the way but deviates around Mt York approx following the 1140m line. The Eskdale Track is still there as they have gone to a bit of trouble with the upgrade to hide the old track by covering it up. Once aware of this you can see where the track as been changed and the existing access covered.

06102013 actual

Overview showing proposed with the actual tracks. 


 Map showing the proposed (purple) to actual track (brown). You can see clearly how the new track is avoiding the peaks. Not a big issue unless of course you are travelling to the peaks.


Here is detail as to the point where we worked out what was going on. We were using Garmin GPS and compared with Andriod maps and even pulled the paper map put and took a bearing to confirm.  Once the motor bikes had gone it was time to find the summit. 

There was a track going up tp the summit that again had been covered up. We followed this track and hit the original Eskdale Spur track on the top. 

MtYork log

Great operating position once on top. VK3MRG’s doublet was getting better reports than my EFD once again proving the more wire the better.

The combined activations are of great value. Having company is not the only benefit especially having company that is also keen on getting to the summit and playing radio. However sharing the bands required cordination . In this case once one had qualified the other had a go. There are enough chasers around for all. During the middle of the day there was little activity (other that contest stations that didn’t respond) on 20m


Height V distance for the walk. There has to be another valid summit 2.05km into the trip at 1115m height. It would make a nice 6 pointer along the way. 

VK3/VE-061 Mt Emu.

MT Emu

Followed the original Eskdale Spur track back to Mt Emu. The walk back was  tiring. Marshall was still disgustedly cheerful whist  my calfs were killing me. We had hiked just short of 20Km by this time.  Made it back to the car. Drove back to Mt Emu. Walked out of the activation zone and back in to keep square and setup on the hang glider launching pad there. Great views.


THis is a official Hang glider launch site. It is 2WD access but be prepared to address trees and litter after a storm. 


Marshall setup a vertical whilst I used my EFD. Comfortably qualified the summit and had a snoop around 20m. 

MtEmu log

This brings my activators score up to 500. Half a goat ! 

Be warned the current maps do not reflect the position of  Eskdale Spur track. Happy to shared GPX logs on request.

One response to “06102013 – VK3/VE-082 and VK3/VE-061”

  1. vk3pf says :


    Your proposed new summit does not have prominence. The OzTopo map shows that high spot as 1120 m approx. The saddle to the left on your profile image shows as 1090 m, so only 130 m (perhaps a bit more) actual prominence, based on the map. But that is only in one direction. The lowest saddle between that high point and Mt Yorke is only just below 1000 m. So even if it had prominence with respect to Mt Emu’s saddle, it fails because of insufficient prominence from Mt Yorke’ saddle. Nice try.


    Peter VK3PF

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