07122013 – VK3/VE-011 & VK3/VE-008

No APRS from Mt Striling. Packets from Mt Buller repeated through car @ 50w

G3 coverage excellent


VK3/VE-011 Mt Stirling

Mt Stirling was a bonus as the intent was to be on Mt Buller in the evening for DX. 


The walk up from intersection of Howqua Gap and Circuit Rd takes a hour. 4km each way on open 4WD track. Talking to walkers there apparently the walk from Mt Buller to Mt Stirling via River Spur track takes 2hrs. The tracks are very well marked with the only hazard I had being 4WD’s on the track . You can hear them coming and have enough time to get off track and watch go by. Must share so let them go by.  Once on top there are several positions to setup. The traffic is heavy on site with several walkers and a convoy of 4WD adventures. I setup my EFD on a pole on the top of the summit and had a casual activation. 15 contacts in 40 minutes including 2 S2S. 


Total time for activation was 3:18 for 8Km.  Full credit to those who have done in the winter. Next time I will stop earlier on Circuit road and take River Spur track (3.8Km). Uneventful drive out on Circuit road. This is a 2WD road but still rough so just take it slow. Opened the roof on the old Benz and enjoyed the weather. 


VK3/VE-008 Mt Buller

You can drive to the base of the summit during summer. 600m walk from car park to peak. Mt Buller is very narrow. I was fortunate to be there on a great day with no wind or rain. There is a convenient stump to strap antenna support to on the top.


EndFed Setup for 40m for locals.


Dipole setup for 20m. Worked VK6 but no DX. Could hear stations. Even with running the FT897 on batteries 20w was not making it through.

27 contacts including 7 S2S. Crossed 1000 S2S points with this activation.

Need more power or CW to really work DX. Hmmm, one is lighter.

2 responses to “07122013 – VK3/VE-011 & VK3/VE-008”

  1. Andrew VK1NAM says :

    Hi Allen
    Congratulations on reaching 1000 summit to summit points, it takes coordination and patience to achieve that milestone. Thanks for activating Mt Buller it was a new unique summit in the log. It’s always a pleasure to work you summit to summit, congratulations again. 🙂
    Andrew, VK1NAM

  2. vk3yy says :

    Likewise, Congratulations on the 1000 summit to summit! Looks a lot more friendly on those summits without the snow!
    Glenn VK3YY

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