Nepal 2014

Intent to go back in May 2014 to walk to Everest base camp from Lukla. Everest base camp is 5,364 metres whilst Kala Pattar is 5545m. No intention of actually going to the summit but do want to take radio and work from Everest Base Camp and Kala Pattar. Not SOTA but high 5000+ meters. 

Current plans are 16 Days with two rest days on the way up. proposed.xlsx

Overview 11042014

Maps are based on NepalGPSMap. Will utilise the routing and trip planning of the Garmin eTrex 30 device with BaseCamp software.

Nepal Map 2014

Done – Nepal Visa TIMS card Fees for trekking

To Do List – Radio License 


Sagarmatha National Park (27°45′-28°07’N is listed in the sites for World Flora Fauna areas – 9NFF-007

The WFF rules are for legal activations so need to obtain a radio license to operate in Nepal (9N)

Inquires should be sent to: Ministry of Information and Communications Singhadurbar Katmandu Tel: 422-4468

You need to apply for a license directly at:

Ministry of Communications
Room 909
Panchayat Plaza
Prithvi Path
Tel: 422-4468

Need passport and your ORIGINAL amateur license from your home country. You will be given some forms to fill out and instructions on making a deposit into a government bank account. To get a two-band license, you will be charged 8,400 Nepalese rupees and will have to deposit the funds in hard currency equivalent (dollars, euros, etc). Once this is done it is possible to quickly get your license issued valid for the term of your visa.

Other links of interest;

Click to access application_for_license_of_amateur_radio.pdf

One response to “Nepal 2014”

  1. pramesh says :

    hello Vk3Har

    its so sad to tell you that i am a Nepali citizen trying to know about the amateur radio in NEpal.After my many days of tries i have come up to your blog.Do you have any contact of Ham radio operators in Nepal? i tried few of them but no one responded me.i want to be one of the Nepalese Ham radio operator but i don’t know how to start.
    i have my hopes on you that you are gonna respond me.


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