30122013 – VK3/VG-001, VK3/VE-004 & VK3/VE-007

Joint activation with Marshall VK3MRG.

3 X 10 point summits. Access in bonus period would involve navigating Falls Creek parking and skiers.

There were a lot of walkers around. Parking was at a premium.


View from Mt Nelse. My said pole setup off squid pole and VK3MRG Marshalls vertical to the left.  

Access to all summits from Bogong High Plains Road via Falls Creek. Sealed road with heavy bike traffic. 

OverviewMt Cope – VK3/VG-001


1.5Km walk from the road. Path to follow. Space and trees on summit to setup on.

I setup a 2m station whilst Marshall worked 40m.

Worked to other activators whilst waiting for VK1NAM and VK1DA setup on VK2/SM-001 (Mt Kosciuszko) with VI100ACT call sign.


Mt Nelse VK3/VE-004

Carpark off the road on the way back towards Falls Creek from Mt Cope. There is signs and parking at the start of the track.You can drive up the track another 500m to park but little gain. It is a 5km walk to a barron summit. Follow the tracks and then cut up to the summit. No cover on site. Trig to attach squid pole to.


Quick activation as the wind was on the top and we wanted to get the final summit 


Mt McKay VK3/VE-007

Turn into left onto Mt McKay road from Bogong High Plains road after crossing the dam coming from Mt Nelse.

You can drive to the summit. It is a dirt road but 2WD access.There is even a shelter that can be used for protection. Noise from the comms equipment installed on site.


I setup a 20m station whilst Marshall worked 40m. 


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