09012014 Non activation.

09012014 – VK2/MN-098 – End Peak

Spending a couple of days at my brothers Colin at Emerald beach North Central NSW. Whilst I had taken my radio gear and printed a map of the closest summits there were no firm plans. Showed Colin and he recognised a few of the local area. Local maps confirmed roads and tracks. K2/MN-056 and VK2/MN-098 were the best targets.

Decided to go for closest being VK2/MN-098 Wednesday morning for UTC roll over.

Drove up as expected as the roads were good once get away from the road works. Found the end of road parked the car and started to follow the track.  Got to the spot at the end of track and setup on a lookout there. Gave out VK2/MN-056 but should have  VK2/MN-098 but even this it was to prove to be the incorrect location.

Entries for 08012014 23:30 to 09012014 00:30 including 6 S2S and VK4 on 40m

VK1NAM on VK2/ST-004
VK2FGJW on VK1/AC031
VK2YK & VK2FRKO on VK2/HU-080

Unfornatually they can’t counts towards SOTA scores as I was in the wrong stop.  It wasn’t until got home went checked the position from the GPS is became clear we selected the wrong spot. I was 2.4km out. Looking at the maps after it is obvious we followed the wrong track ending up on another look-out.


Really a QRP activation of a local lookout looking over Pacific ocean. Still a good activation with views I have never had from a SOTA summit before. Also the first in shorts and sandals. 

Lesson from this, Don’t rely on others for the mapping / navigation. 


View with Google Maps based on APRS ,


View from Garmin GPS mapping software ,


View from SOTA Maps website showing the summit locations,




One response to “09012014 Non activation.”

  1. Gerard says :

    I have deleted my entry as a chaser for this contact. Bad luck. Thanks and I like your blog. Great. Gerard VK2JNG/P

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