19012014 – VK3/VC-007, VK3/VC-034 & VK3/VC-015

19012014 – VK3/VC-007, VK3/VC-034 & VK3/VC-015

We are in the fire season again. Whilst nothing like previous years, here are views of local summits through the smoke from local fires (Enfield Forest and Brisbane Ranges National Park) on Friday 17012014. We are safe and the smoke acting as a reminder to stay safe.


Whilst the fires were not near my intended sites (Mt Rosa), roads in the Grampians NP were closed whilst they addressed some fires up there. Also Mount Buangor State Park closed. 

Fires 19012014

There was no way I was going to get in the way so decided to head to reactivate Mt Cobaw. Mt Macedon and Pretty Sally are logical additions to the day.

VK3/VC-007 Mt Macadon very busy. Activated down from the towers. Was having issues with the antenna and wind but decided to qualify and leave. We were interviewed as to how we used National parks for Parks Victoria. I believe this is a part of the process of justifying the upcoming charges for NP use.

VK3/VC-034 Pretty Sally. Background ticking noise. Was not prepared to see if electric fence. Again activated and moved on as the goal for tray Mt Cobaw.


VK3/VC-015 Mt Cobaw is a great summit. Access from Ridge Rd which is 2WD access off Bourke and Wills Tk (sealed).


Ridge Rd is a excellent dirt track. Follow Ridge Rd not Reilly’s Rd.There is a track that runs of Ridge Rd and direct to the summit about 10 min drive in. It is a bike track and not signed. ( 55H BU 90427 78288) This is the start of the track on Ridge Rd between camp trk and Boyers Rd. Park your car here and follow the track up for 700m and your at the top.

Take your time with Mt Cobaw. It has easy access and lots of space for a antenna. Situated in Mt Cobaw State Forest so we took Darcie for a day out.

Better that worrying about fires.


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