AX3HRA – Australia Day activations – VK3/VS-051,VK3/VS-046 & VK3/VS-048

VK3/VS-051,VK3/VS-046 & VK3/VS-048


We were staying at Peterborough and as have already activated the local National parks (twice) decided to pick three SOTA summits. All single points but new and unique.  

VK3/VS-051 Mt Clay.

You can drive to the summit. There are comms towers and CFA watch post. Turn into Mt Clay Road off A1 then left into Tower Rd and finally left again into Anqelino Rd. All are marked. Dirt but comfortable 2WD. Have to walk back down the hill as Anqelino Rd road takes you to the summit. This practice must appear strange to the CFA spotters. Wonder how many stories they have of watching nutters drive up then walk away only to come back. 

VS 051

Setup using the trig point. 15 contacts including 9 S2S’s. Great day. Packed up and set off to the second summit.

VK3/VS-046 Mt Napier


Intended plan was to come down Mt Napier Road and go in via Mt Napier Access Trk.


No there is a quarry and the road is closed. Don’t know why its called the ‘Access Road’. There is a track off to the right but very overgrown and crosses private property. Went back down Mt Napier Road and followed Harmans track around (dirt) then turned right into Menzies Pitt. No signs to Menzies Pitt but the edge of the state forest is very clear. Carefully drive down there for 2.5k and there is a walking track to follow to the summit.  The top is clear. It was quite as appeared everyone else was between summits so picked up 5 contacts and headed back down to get to the last for the day.

VK3/VS-048 – Mount Rouse

Easy access from Penshurst. Drive out towards Warrnambool the turn into Mt Rouse Lookout road. Parked the car at the car park and followed the walking track to the lookout. No issues with reentering the zone as the track was straight up. Great spot with views of the Grampians. No smoke visiable so Grampians in two weeks looking good.


Great way to spend Australia Day. Three summits with good access. Back at the camp in time to watch the cricket. Next year may go into VK5



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