16022014 – VK3/VW-003 & VK3/VS-001

VK3/VW-003 – Mt Rosea

VK3/VS-001 – Mt William

There has been damage to the park due to fire in January 2014. Sections of the park are now reopened with the current road conditions allowing access to Mt Rosea.


Previous activation (Jul/2012) was in harsh conditions. Fog, wind and rain. I lost the track coming back and ended up on Rosea Rd. No issues just took longer.Was great conditions this time. 

There are currently no fires in the Grampians. We parked at Sundial Carpark and walked in before I realised the road was open. This only added 4Km to the trip. It was a good clear day. The clouds threatened rain but held off. 

Must comment on the condition of the track. It appears there has been work upgrading and maintaining the track. It was much better then 2 years ago. Michele accompanied me. She gave the track a “civilised’ rating (8). This is despite me loosing and recovering twice. Still took a lot of time to walk up and back but much improved experience. Recommend park at Mt Rosea car park and you only have 4.5K each way walk. A great summit for adventurous players.





This is looking towards Asses Ears in Wartook Valley. These are on my list to do. Will be waiting until later in the year. Let the fires and road closures go.

Received great reports comfortably qualifying the summit on 40M before trying 20m. 20M was quite so packed up to walk out as wanted to go across to pickup Mt William on the way home.


Quick setup and qualified on Mt William on 40m. Went to 20m and worked VK6MB. 20m was opening and could hear SV3GLI/p on SV/PI-136 and VK5PAS calling him. I was not reward with a DX S2S. Had to leave that to others and pickup to head home.

Three different views of the same trip,

From APRS,

There were only 50 packet that make it fro the handheld. I have not setup the car to repeat (need additional battery) but don’t believe the coverage would have been any better as it was parked 5Km away with a hill between us.  Great when in range but not reliable.

APRS 16022014

Track from GPS. The path is logged on change of direction. This is great for revising activities.

GPS 16022014

Messages from SPOT device. This Personal GPS Tracking device uses satellites to send messages containing the ordinates every 10 minutes,

ESN :0-8337747
Latitude :-37.19717
Longitude :142.50563
Time :Sun Feb 16 14:37:38 2014
Battery State :GOOD

SPOT 16022014

 This device give you no feedback in the field but appears to provide the best coverage. It is a emergency not a navigation device.

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