VK3/VC-018 2014

Off to Nepal on 02 May 2014 so will be walking up Mt Buninyong with a full pack on Saturdays for the exercise and to verify equipment.

This is not the only training i’m doing but involves a loaded pack and in boots which is not a good look at the gym.This summit is nice and close so not spending all my money on petrol.


The walk for Bunnyiong is 1.1Km with 130m raise from the carpark off Blackberry Ln. Need more so will start further down road next week 

VK3VC 018

 Have acquired a HB-1B from eBay with internal battery.  This is the drive I will be carrying on the Nepal trek. The FT817 is too heavy. Need the practice on CW activations


22022014 – SSB 5 CW 0

First CW activation was not a great success. Looking to test equipment and glad I did.

Had to pickup son in town and in my haste to play CW I didn’t qualified Mt Buninyong. 5 contacts on SSB but split over UTC. No issues will pickup later.

02 2014 log

Called for 20 minutes on 7.025. My SMS alerts did not come up so a issue there.

Saw the alert for VK3CAT on 7.032 so went there. I could hear Tony ok. Called several times with no response.

Not sure operating radio correctly it could be the operator.

Will try again next Thursday on SOTA CW net (8:30pm on 7.045) to verify operation.


Took a longer route this time,

Track 01032014

1:30hr for 5.2km

Height 01032014

No CW as I left the paddle on my desk.


Track 15032014

Summary 15032014

Walking into town then up the mountain. Getting the distance and gradient looking for.

Height 15032014

Note the double peak at 8km mark. Two trips up the fire tower. View towards Mt Cole from fire tower, 

PIC 05032014

29022014 – 12Kg in pack

We did the course backward this time,

Screen Shot 2014 03 29 at 2 20 33 pm

Screen Shot 2014 03 29 at 2 21 07 pm

includes a 30m stop for coffee and cake.

Screen Shot 2014 03 29 at 2 20 03 pm

three trips up the tower this time. View to Mt Warrienheip.


050420104 12Kg 14Km,

Overview 05042014


Summary 05042014

3.5 trips up tower,

Height 05042014

Clear views today,



13042014 – 16.8Km 15Kg 5 trips up tower,

Screen Shot 2014 04 13 at 6 01 23 pm

Screen Shot 2014 04 13 at 5 58 55 pm

Screen Shot 2014 04 13 at 5 58 42 pm

3 responses to “VK3/VC-018 2014”

  1. asphotos says :

    Can organise a time earlier of you don’t want to wait till Thursday?

    • vk3hra says :

      Hi Andrew,

      The radio is only showing 2w out at home so will charge battery tonight.
      I’ll be out on summits tomorrow so will have another go then else after 7:00pm during week ?


  2. Mal White says :

    Try parking in the car park in the east end of “Hogarths Rd West”, off Shaws Rd. (At least they’re the names Google Maps shows).

    You could also park in Buninyong and walk up the mount following the Great Dividing Trail. That’d get the legs pumping.


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