23022014 – VK3/VS-004, VK3/VS-016 & VK3/VS-003

VK3/VS-004 Mt Langi Ghiran

VK3/VS-016 Mt Gorrin

VK3/VS-003 Mt Buangor

Decided to activate three summits just out of Ararat. 


Did have my eye on two summits in North Victoria Range however decided to stay closer avoiding the roos in the Grampians, saving two hours travel time and being a off pay week, petrol. 

I have activated these summits previously but wanted to refine access.

VK3/VS-004 Mt Langi Ghiran


Operating position on Mt Langi Ghiran

Parked the car at . Was able to park further up the track. Still a good walk in. Went looking for a track described by a member of the local walking group. Apparently west of the summit. Did not see anything with following so walked back to the ridge line and up the rocks. It was a great day for climbing rocks. Not hot or wet.  Quite day but still gained a S2S with VK2TWR. Quick conversation revealed that Rod intended to activate more so I decided to pickup and move on the be on the next summit in time to catch him again. Clean descend. Always easier to get down than up. Saved a couple of K’s as can drive deeper with Subie than before.

VK3/VS-016 Mt Gorrin


View to the Grampians from Mt Gorrin

Used Mt Langi Ghiran road and approached Mt Gorrin from the front this time. It is only 1.3Km from the car park so decided not to follow the track as it goes to Lagoon  and just going bush a real option in this weather. The track is still 800m short of the summit and the bush is clear going until you hit the rocks. There are a couple of rocky points to address. Nothing to serious. The scrub is softer then that experienced on Serra Ranges just rocks to address. Again not a issue today as dry and cool. 

Apologies to those who I missed from VK3/VS-016 Mt Gorrin. I got caught up in getting down and to the next summit to collect another S2S with VK2TWR. 

VK3/VS-003 Mt Buangor


Really but Subie to good use. Previously I parked on the main road and followed Beeripmo track. This time I came down Wallaby Caves track coming in behind on Mt Buangor track to within 180m of the summit.

Again a S2S with VK2TWR on VK2-SW-001 as well as Andrews (VK1NAM & VK1DA) on VK2/HU-093

Ron’s (VK3AFW) contact was not valid. Again this was the actions of one clown. We would have confirmed the contact so can only consider this action malicious. Know you should not feed the trolls, but us SOTA folk are simple and non obtrusive. Only ask for a quick signal exchange and a quite hill to walk up. This behaviour of invalidating contacts can not be tolerated. As I have aged I have also grown to realised the pen is mightier than the sword so if any one can positively identify the troll then lets write some stern letters and send them into the ACMA.

Could have picked another on the way out as was on schedule. Decided to be home early getting ready for work tomorrow.

I have not configured the second battery in the car to repeat the APRS from the handheld however the SPOT device was reliable. 

Spot 23022014

APRS. Unreliable without a local repeater for the handheld packets

APRS 23022014

Overall a good day but finished on a sour note with trolls now targeting our success.




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