S2S – 2E0YYY/P on G/SP-013 VK3/VC-018

S2S with 2E0YYY/P on G/SP-013 and VK3HRA/P VK3/VC-018.

Have been watching the DX contacts that Andrew, VK1NAM and Andrew VK1DA have been competing. They have been having a lot of success with DX into EU. The key appears to be the grey line.  Was at home Friday so decided to go up Mt Buninyong at the end of the day to try my luck. IT was grim. Put up the 20m dipole (based on wire from VK3PF) with and could hear ZL4IR and OE9HRV. Put u[p the endfed wire hoping for a better result but it appears to  be the conditions.  W7KPL came up with a 42 but did not receive a signal report. Then could hear 2E0YYY working VK1MA,VK2IQ,VK3CAT VK4YQ and VK3DET. Still and to wait for improvement before I was able to confirm contact with 2E0YYY.

Results 28022014

 Conditions improved and it was QRP time !. Received 41 with the FT817 running 5w into 20/40 endfed using SSB.

SOtawatch 28022014

Spent a hour on the summit for a 10 minute window. It may have gone longer but I was late to pickup son so that was it for me. 



One response to “S2S – 2E0YYY/P on G/SP-013 VK3/VC-018”

  1. Andrew VK1NAM says :

    Hi Allen, congratulations on working the DX and S2S with Mike 2E0YYY. Great to see VK3 operators taking up the challenge of SOTA DX. A little encouragement goes along way.

    Andrew, VK1NAM

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