09032014 – VK3/VS-006 & VK3/VS-017

VK3/VS-006 (Mt Thackeray) VK3/VS-017 (North Victoria Range)

With the AWD I am now able to tackle some summits previously too far to walk. Happy to walk in fact look forward to it but these were to far unless a overnight operation. If I’m going to spend the time and resources on a overnight activation then will go into the Alpine NP. 


VK3/VS-006 (Mt Thackeray)

Access via Goat Track Road. The road is ok but the drains require clearance. Turn down Victoria Range Road to access Mt Thackeray is a lot harsher. Required low gear for some of the climbs due to to surface. You can park at the top with a clean walk into the zone. 

Operate MtTrackery

7 Contacts. It was the weekend for National parks. First was Tony VK3VTH in  Lower Glenelg National Park, VKFF-296 then VK3ZPP Peter in Grampians National Park, VKFF-213

Log MtTrackery

VK3/VS-017 (North Victoria Range)

Still got a walk in. 6K’s each way.

View NVR

Back down Victoria Range Road and back onto Goat track to get to North Victoria range. You park off Goat Track at the track start. It lis closed to cars but in very good condition. Follow contours so no real height issues. It may appear quicker to travel the 2.5K from Goat track cross scrub would be too messy as still fire damage. Again, the the 6Km on track is very good and allows for fast travel. 

Access NRV

Have a bit of a scramble to get into the zone at the end but no issues in the dry. Picked up Tony VK3VTH in Coopracambra National Park,VKFF-728. 4 contacts on a quite day. It appeared I missed the other activators. 


I will be doing these again. A good days effort for 10 points.


You are not going to get down Goat track without clearance. Recommend access from Syphon Road in Victoria range. Excellent conditions overall.

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