23032014 – VK3/VE-134, VK3/VE-067 and VK3/VE-137

23032041 – VK3/VE-134 – Mt Terrible Spur, VK3/VE-067 – Mt Terrible and VK3/VE-137 – Bald Hill

Trip down a spur line to activate three very popular summits.

The track is very accessible. Used low range a coupe of times when the climb and surfaces became challenging. Not to hard just take your time.

APRS Overview

Got to the first summit was just before UTC. There were several stations planning to be out but my priority was Warren VK3BYD on VK3/VE-105.


Bagged a CW S2S with Warren VK3BYD. Very happy with this contact. Have been practising CW with Ron VK3AFW and Tony VK3CAT Thursdays nights. Picked up a ‘Palm Pico’ from the postoffice Saturday so ready for CW. Great spot. Weather was grim but holding out. Sometime everything lines up for a great start.

Worked all comers on 40M. Packed up and setoff down the ridge nice and slow.


VK3/VE-067 Mt Terrible 

Broke squid pole. Setup on the helipad as there were several visitors and it was getting crowed.

The helipad was in the zone and had a drop so given the limited height of pole exploited to get a good setup.

IMG 0515

Ants everywhere. I setup away for them but they followed me and got I’m my bag. 40m worked a treat. Made a few calls on 7.032 with no response. Went to 20m with three contacts.

Weather was not improving but no serious rain yet. Happy to pack up and move on the the next summit.

VK3/VE-137 – Bald Hill

Back down the ridge line. Across the highway then up Lake 1 trk. The track was average to say the least. Decided to park and walk in. The hill is not Bald. Found the peak and a reasonably cleared spot. When setting up antenna I came across a copperhead snake. The yellow band was very visible. He (didn’t get close enough to identify the sex so yes assumption) was laying across the top of a log. Didn’t move so suspected asleep or dead. Decided not to get closer to find out so setup the other way but came back with camera for a picture and he was gone. So alive and well.


Great example of coordinates not quite right.  Was at the highest point and GPS height confirmed in the zone. Setup around the snakes in the scrub. S2S with VK2DAG and VK1MA and finally got a contact with VK2ASC after missing all day. Waiting for VK3PF to come up but had to move on to make it home on time.

Great couple of summits. Good access. Day well spent.

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