06042014 – VK3/VC-024

06042014 – VK3/VC-024 Mt Beckworth

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Its not just the time on the day involved in activating a summit, it is also the planning that requires hours during the week. Whilst these days there are usually blogs describing previous activations, a lot of the time is still required to go over maps to verify access, setup up the GPS with routes and print physical copies of maps. Yes some of these tasks may seem unnecessary but backup is required when alone in the bush.

I plan several months out by initially grouping summits based on physical location and previous activations patterns. This weekend was to be a multi summit trip into the Alpine NP based on previous activation patterns however only ended up with a couple of free hours this Sunday and no time during weekk for map work so those plans were pushed out a couple of weeks and went for a local known summit.

Mt Beckworth. 

Mt Beckworth is close and a good walk to a known operating environment. Parked at the bottom in the reserve and walked the 1km to the summit. The table is missing so setup on seats. Whoever stole the table worked for it as very solid. They must have got a truck up the top.

Plan was to use CW for activation. Qualified the summit on SSB pre and post UTC and also gained 4 CW contacts so all went according to plan.


The Pico Paddle works well hanging off the FT817. Need the weight of the radio as the paddle weighs next to nothing. Adjusted the contacts to make the gap bigger as found it too tight and prone to errors, well more errors than just my sending skills.


As you can see from the notes worked four stations beingVK3CAT, VK3BYD, VK5AV and VK2IO. Still madness however getting call signs and RST reports now. Still perfecting reading CW. Have gone back to audio training to supplement Thursdays night sessions. Thanks to those worked for slowing down. 



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