21042014 – VK3/VE-031, VK3/VE-068 and VK3/VE-091

VK3/VE-031 (Mt Skene)
VK3/VE-068 (Mt Shillinglaw)
VK3/VE-091 (VK3/VE-091)

Trip up to the Alpine to pickup some summits before the roads are closed. Closure is a Mt Sunday Road. 


The signs state the roads are closed but no barriers. Will call the number and enquire as to permit conditions.


There are quite a few summits in this area. Could camp at Conners Plain and pickup 6 summits in a good day. I was happy with three and back home.

VK3/VE-031 (Mt Skene)

You all but drive into the activation zone. I parked down the road in a clearing just off the road so didn’t have to tie car off-road. Pleasant walk up to the clearing. Nice operating position.


VK3/VE-091 (VK3/VE-091)

After activating Mt Skene you turn off Jamieson-Licola Rd into Lazarini Spur Rd. 9.5Km of rough but accessible road.Could take a 2WD in dry conditions. No issues with access for AWD Subie. Access to the summit involves 600m of bush bashing through thick undergrowth. There is a saddle then the summit. 


VK3/VE-068 (Mt Shillinglaw)

This is the point you are looking for where the Alpine Walking track crosses Jamieson-Licola Rd. There is parking for a couple of cars and a straight forward walk to the summit. Follow a track for 1.2Km then turn right to activate.


Really nice day. Normally the Apline (actually not on the Alpine NP but state forest) rains or snows on me but was well behaved this time. Will be returning to pickup other summits in the area.

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