MTR v2 Debug Update

There are differences between a MIC5205 and the TC1014.

The difference is the amount of capacitance on the output needed for stability, the MIC5205 would like to have more then is currently on the board. Can verify this by either removing C30 or adding addition capacitor to the output of the regulator.

Removed C30 and she starts up as expected. Change the bands and she detects the change displaying the new info correctly. 

Sits at 32mA with 8.92v input.5v is at 4.99v whilst 3v is at 3.8v. Bet the higher 3.8v is related to the MIC5205 so will verify that the 3.3v rail is not getting power from 5v or V+ by;

  • Removing the MIC5205
  • Power up the rig
  • Check the 3.3v rail out of the now non-existent 3.3v regulator, should be less than 3.3v, (probably close to zero)
  • Power down and add the new TC1014 
  • Power up the rig, check the 3.3v rail

Measured 1.68V on 3.3v rail.

VK3HRA Back debug 003

Anyway enough for now until the replacement part arrives.



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