12072014 – VK3/VT-010

VK3/VT-010 Talbot Peak

With snow from the car park,


Glenn (VK3YY), Peter (VK3ZPF) and myself headed off to Talbot Peak. We were expecting heavy snow as this season was already shaping up as the best since 2002. The weather during the week preceding was wet and windy. We were watching the reports closely and had decide to go ahead with the plans with a view to abort should the weather be to harsh. We got to within about 800 metres of Talbot Peak (Mt Erica) before the conditions prevailed and we decided it was best to turn back.


This is the peak before Talbot Peak. You still have to walk around the peak before gaining access to the activation zone. There was no chance of diversion from track to reduce distances due to the depth of snow. Whilst the ‘Yowie’ snow shoes enhanced walking in the snow, it was clear that we would have enough time to reach Talbot Peak, activate and get back to the car before dark. Snow walking is still a new a aspect to SOTA for us and there was no desire or requirement to push to the limit.  We got in and out with no injuries and proved equipment.


The pace was slow but overall we competed 7.8Km in 4:30hrs in snow with temperatures down to -1.6C


The weather was patchy at best. Started well with blue skies

DSCN7588and deteriorated as the day progressed.


Got back tot he car park with no issues  in light and headed off the hill. Meet up with Kevin, VK3KAB, at the Erica pub who had sucssfuly activated VK3/VT-006 (Mt Saint Phillack) He is staying in Erica overnight and will be trying the same route tomorrow and hopefully with the benefit of better conditions and more time will be able to activate Talbot Peak.

Overall a great day with magnificent views,


The test of equipment was beneficial as we expect the rest of season to be the same. SOTA has introduce me to snow walking an activity that I can ensure you I would have not pursued otherwise.



One response to “12072014 – VK3/VT-010”

  1. Andrew VK1NAM says :

    Hi Allen, amazing photos from a tough environment. The pictures do tell the story.
    Andrew VK1NAM

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