24082014 – VK3/VT-022,VK3/VT-013 and VK3/VT-016

VK3/VT-022 (Conners Plain)

VK3/VT-013 (Mt Selma)

VK3/VT-016 (Mt Useful)

This was trip decided on Saturday for Sunday. This was to be a weekend at home but circumstances changed so decided to go out. After aligning last weekend I was keen to take the MTR out. Initial plan was to go out Sunday afternoon to a closer summit to align with the 16:00 DX opportunities but as I was doing my jobs when VK3PF turned up on Conners Plain .Decided to have a early morning and pickup some 8 pointers. These three were allready on a list of summits to do during the sessional bonus period. Had activated Mt Shillinglaw (VK3/VT-068), Skene (VK3/VE-031) and VK3/VE-091 earlier in this year as they are above the road closure. No experience with access for these summits. Had read blogs which described easy access but I only had a view from maps which were not supporting this view so jumped at the chance to clarify conditions. The recommended route was to simply follow South Road. My Garmin maps do not show South Road and Spring Road joining so called Peter later that evening and he reassured me it is connected and confirmed the conditions.

GarminView 001

South Road whilst very wet and muddy proved to be overall excellent and made collecting 33 points a straight forward operation.

APRS coverage is excellent and clearly shows the circuit involved.

APRS 24082014

VK3/VT-022 (Conners Plain)


Access involves coming up through Jamieson-Licola Road. There are trees across the road and you have to dodge the pot holes but generally very good. The summit is very broad so parked the car just down Number 7 road and walked in. Managed three CW contacts. Apologies to the stations I missed and those who call signs I mangled.  It was challenging. It’s not a clear on the hill as practicing at home.  Qualified and moved on.

VK3/VT-013 (Mt Selma)

My first summit activated by CW !!

Kept following South Road and turned up into Mt Selma Road. South Road again is quite good but Mt Selma road is quite rutted. Subie handled the conditions. I got off when larger 4WD’s were coming down. Used low range on the way back down. Trees across the road that had been cut. Parked off Mt Selma road and walked up the muddy ‘road’ on the top. Setup on the edge of the road and as the conditions were stable settled in. 


Better run this time. Chasers had slowed down and conditions improved. Once had worked all the CW operators pulled FT817 out finished off on SSB. Great conditions. 2 S2S contacts.  Always need more practice needed but a finally CW success ! 


VK3/VT-016 (Mt Useful)

Continued to follow South Road to Mt Useful. Parked on the road and waked up. This site has the best views of the day. The fog was still on the valleys at 14:00. Setup on the edge. Heard VK2IB and gave a call. had to put the pole back up as it collapsed on me.  Worked 40M then went to 20m There was a lot of activity but I didn’t gain any contacts so decided to keep moving.  


MTR in the Aussie bush.

The road is very good. Would not want to be there in a wet storm as its a logging road after all. Sunday was a great day to be out and worth the effort.  Made it home in time to watch the new Dr Who season.

One response to “24082014 – VK3/VT-022,VK3/VT-013 and VK3/VT-016”

  1. vk3yy says :

    My GPS showed that missing section of road, but it wouldn’t route using it, something funny there with the map data.

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