30082014 – VK3/VN-002 & VK3/VN-005

VK3/VN-002 (Mt Bullfight)

VK3/VN-005 (Pyramid Hill)

This was trip decided on Friday for Saturday.

Snobs Creek Road has several summits that qualify for the additional seasonal points with good access. 

Joint activation with VK3YY Glen. There was snow on Mt Bullfight. You can see Glen under the tree to the right.

VK3YYonVN 002

VK3/VN-002 (Mt Bullfight)

Parked the car at Coys road. This is the intersecion of Conn Gap and Mt Bullfight Rd at the end of Snobs Creek Road. 20Km down Snobs Creek Road from the Goulburn Valley Highway. A very useful spot. Well it was until the blackberries took over.This is the second intersection of Cons Gap road and Snobs Creek. You can take the first at (7Km) to gain access Barnwell Plain Road on the way to Mt Torbreck. Con Gap road goes behind Bill Head to come back to Snobs Creek down near Mt Bullfight. Actually Coys Creek. The target today was Mt Bullfight and Pyramid Hill. 

GPS logs 30082014

Actual GPS logs. 

Access to Mt Bullfight is straight forward. It’s 4.7k on road Follow the road all the way around to avoid blackberries . You’ll see a clear run to the top. Avoid the actual top as very rocky. Go up then across avoiding the gullies.  There was snow on the top. 

Two S2S on SSB VK2SWD/P on VK2/SM-001 then VK3CAT on VK3/VT-013 then VK3BYD on CW and finally VK3ANL to qualify the summit. Walk out.

VK3/VN-005 (Pyramid Hill) 

Once back in car go back down Snobs Creek road. Turn right into No5 road and gently drive up. Pyramid Hill had changed since last visit. The logging is continuing. Roads have been changed. You follow the No5 road. turning right at the T intersection. Get another K around before the gate. Park car and walk the rest. The summit is to the right once you hit the second gate. The last 700m is up a track. Get into it. Its what your here for. Top logged. 

Stumps everywhere so can setup a table.  CW S2S with VK3CAT on VK3/VT-016 (Mt Useful) was highlight of the trip. Then  VK3AFW but all was not going my way. Ran into technical issues. The radio started to send out multiple characters on a single push. Could only send dit,dah,dit,dah,……dit,dah, for as long as a paddle was pressed. Tried restarting and using as a straight key but that was not to be.There are several call signs (VK2RFG and VK3BAA) in my notes but unable to confirm the contact. I was able to use Glens radio to qualify the summit.  

Finished up and off home.  

Looked at the pad dell during the week and replaced the lead but the problem persisted. Loosing the paddle then spraying with component cleaner appears to have corrected the issue. Assuming a piece of dirt got into the paddle. The new lead is sturdier and wired correctly. The original lead had the dit on the finger with dah on thumb. There was a good argument for learning with left hand thus allowing right hand free to write. You can reverse the config with the FT817 and it felt right. Had to use the paddle upside down with MTR. Maybe a factor in its behaviour or totally unrelated and a consequence of living down under. 

Having two stations on the same band but different modes works well. There is enough room to setup two antenna. Glen worked SSB with FT817 and I had the  MTR.  The weather was great all day. No issue theres. The key playing up really didn’t wasn’t great but an advantage of dual stations is full redundancy.  All chasers were able to gain a contact and all activators bagged a summit.

Looking forward to up coming show and tell with other operators. Looking forward to activating Bill Head. This will be a good walk 

Want to improve the key. There is bugger all weight weight using MTR,Pico Paddle and a 850Mha battery. Think can start adding kit in. 

Also intent to slow the keying speed down as to fast. I hope this encourages chasers to send slower. Sure speed will come.





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