VK3 Show and Tell Day


Intent to see the equipment used in SOTA its natural environment.

Meet at Kendall’s B (aka the Boys Camp) 9am start Sunday 28th September

Simplex 146.500 FM

APRS – http://aprs.fi/vk3hra-1




Current list of Activations,

Saturday 27/09

Mt Wombat VK3KS

Mt Winstanley VK3HRA


Sunday 28/09

Mt Torbreck VK3YY &  VK3JBL (23cm)

Bill Head VK3HRA,VK3IL

Pyramid Hill VK3IL

Procter VN-019 VK3BYD

Mt Strickland – 23cm VK3JBL


Kendalls Camping and Day Visitor Areas


National Parks

Lake Elidon

Yarra Ranges


There are several in the area. Different levels of access but all requiring hiking. 1K to 5Km each way on tracks.

Snobs Creek Rd – Rubicon State forest VIC.

  • Mt Torbreck
  • Mt Bullfight
  • Pyramid Hill
  • Bill Head
ViewIn 001
 Summits available on Maroondah Highway

Additional Summits

Snobs Creek


Screen Shot 2014 08 31 at 11 24 49 am   

Road Closures


RoadClosures 082014


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