W4C/EM-058 Unnamed Summit (Mt Jefferson Overlook)


Checkout Andrews  video.



With my meetings finished, and plans to catch up with friends in DC, I hatched a plan to encounter a bunch of different US associations on my way up to Washington. In one day, I could go from Raleigh to W4C/EM-058, detour by W4T/SU-022, have lunch, stop at W4V/GC-018, and finish the day at W4K/EC-022, before heading up to West Virginia to spend the night, before grabbing a W8V and a W3 summit on the way into Washington. It would require leaving Raleigh at 5 in the morning, but that was easy.

Instead, everything was foiled by three beers, two scotches and two alarms that were both slept through. That left me three hours late out of Raleigh – not insurmountable, but it mean W4K/EC-022 (Flatwoods) was probably out of the question. The others were still candidates, so I headed off. I dropped in on a Home Depot to grab…

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