A routine to allow the processing of a ADIF log data matching SOTA summits to WWFF sites.

First version ready for use ParksnPeaks – Process ADIF File.

Please report any issues.


ADIF file exported from logging software is the input.

I use MacLoggerDX which supports export as a ADIF file.

eg:<CALL:6>VK3AFW<NAME:8>Ron COOK<QTH:13>OAKLEIGH, VIC<QSO_DATE:8>20131101<TIME_ON:6>083000<TIME_OFF:6>083000<FREQ_RX:4>7.09<FREQ:4>7.09<BAND:3>40M<BAND_RX:3>40M<MODE:3>SSB<TX_PWR:1>5<ANT_AZ:3>108<RST_SENT:2>59<RST_RCVD:2>59<QSL_VIA:4>Mail<DXCC:3>150<COUNTRY:9>Australia<IOTA:6>OC001<MY_SOTA_REF:10>VK3/VT004<GRIDSQUARE:6>QF22mc<LAT:10>-37.904353<LON:10>145.077124<MY_GRIDSQUARE:6>QF22ah<OPERATOR:6>VK3HRA<MY_RIG:12>Yaesu FT-897<COMMENT:22>Class: Ad, qrzloc:user<EOR>

Following ADIF data fields are expected during upload and will be processed:

  • CALL
  • FREQ
  • BAND
  • MODE
  • NAME


Comma Separated Variable (CSV) file download supporting WWFF upload;

date-format: yyyymmdd
time-format: hhmmss




Currently ADIF does not support WWFF. The process for incorporation into the ADIF standard is a lengthy one. So the question is how to flag WFF contacts to support auto processing.

Match – SOTA Activations

Identification where the SOTA summit is in a know park will be by matching the ADIF MY_SOTA  field to VKFF id data hosted on parksnPeaks. This will allow the bulk matching of old logs for activators.  No excuses get your logs to Paul.

Match – Non SOTA Activations

This is where it gets interesting. Until there is a field available I will use the COMMENTS field to flag WWFF opportunities,

LogView 21022015

The hunter entries will have brackets around. This is because you can copy the ID from the spot displayed of ParksnPeaks and paste into the comments field for the log entry. Simple quick and no errors.

The activator entries will not have brackets around. This is because when I update my log after the activation I will enter the WWFF data for the first entry then copy for the other entries. 

Open to suggestions.




One response to “ADIF -> WWFF via SOTA”

  1. Geoff says :

    Hello Allen, can chasers use this software? I need to convert WWFF files into the format to upload into the SOTA site on order to claim awards from them.

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