08032015 – Proposed Long Weekend Activations

VK Autumn SOTA Party on the weekend Saturday/Sunday 7 and 8 March 2015.

This is a Long weekend for VK3 so planning to take advantage of milder weather to hike into the bush and activate remote SOTA summits  in Viking Wilderness Area.

VK3BYD Warren and VK3HRA Allen

06032015 00:00 – VK3/VE-103 (VK3/VE-103)
06032015 07:00 – Mt Speculation (VK3/VE-022)
06032015 23:00 – Mt Despair (VK3/VE-043)
07032015 06:00 – The Razor (VK3/VE-044)
07032015 23:00 – The Viking (VK3/VE-037)
08032015 07:00 – Mt Speculation (VK3/VE-022)
09032015 04:00 – Mt Cobbler (VK3/VE-027)

All summits qualifiy for KRMNPA in Alpine NP WWFF ID – VKFF-619

Other known Activity – VK1NAM


Overview Map

The spots have been posted as VK3BYD for 7.032-cw.

We intend to come up on CW first (7.0320) to take advantage of Andrews (VK3JBL) skimmer for spots.

SSB contacts fill follow from 7.090 going up 5khz according to availability.

Looking for S2S and evening DX opportunities.

40m @  7.032-CW & 7.090-SSB
20m @ 14.062-CW & 14.310-SSB.
10m @ 28.450-SSB
 2m @ 146.500-FM 

Current Timings; 

OverView Times

Can’t rely on APRS or having Telco coverage so will carry Spot device for safety.The SPOT device should relay to APRS via positlogger.net. -> VK3HRA APRS

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