03042015 – VK3/VC-032

VK3/VC-032 (VK3/VS-032)

Saving local summits for big events this year.


This was as big a they will get. VK3YY was about to qualify as Mountain Goat. 

There was a lot of park and SOTA activity in the morning.  Worked VK3KAB on VK3/VE-014 and knowing he and Glenn were working together decided to go and position myself for the next activation. Grabbed the bag with the gear still in from the previous weekend and setoff. 

Chose VK3/VC-032 over VK3/VC-018 as a great day and will need the protection on Mt Bunnyiong for a upcoming DX evening. VK3/VC-024 is another site that is worth keeping for a evening session whilst VK3/VC-019 has never been a favourite site. Still messy from the fire. Best to leave for another impromptu activation in harsher weather. Also have four WWFF parks lined up for a parks weekend. VK3/VC-032 was the summit for today.

It is clean drive to the summit of VK3/VC-032 and will be on the air within a hour. Good parking is available off the road to the right as you are coming up Camp road from Spargo-Blakeville Rd. It is important to get the car off the road into a clear position as bikes everywhere in the state forest. Strolled to the summit and setup. Thinking I had at least 30 minutes if not a hour before Glenn would turned up, went to 7.032 and started calling CQ. No response and was about to spot when went to 7.090 and there was VK3YY on VK3/VEE-019. He had qualified the summit by now. Didn’t go back to CW as swamped by operators. 

Congratulations to Glenn VK3YY for qualifying as SOTA Mountain Goat. Wish you many more activations.

Picked up S2S VK3MRG Marshall on VK3/VE-067. Gained 32 contacts in 30min SSB. This is one of my biggest ever.

Log 30042015

Packed up and went back home to finish my tasks.



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