19042015- VK3/VC-022 & VK3/VS-049

19042015 – VK3/VC-022 (Mt Cowley) & VK3/VS-049 (Crowsnest Lookout)

VK3/VC-022 qualifies for KRMNPA WWFF Great Otway NP


Trip to pickup some of local summits that I have not  activated. 


The weather was windy with rain and even hail on the way down. Had the bothy bag packed so not really to concerned.


Setup as far from the installation on the summit as I could. Deployed the dipole.  Picked a S2S with Tony VK3CAT and two parks with Tony VK3VTH and Paul VK5PAS. The rain came and went, I was dry and had lunch and thermos of tea so all good. 


If your heading south into Apollo Bay along the Great Ocean road the GPS will recommend you turn onto ‘Wild Dog Road’ from the great open road. Don’t follow it as you will end up at what the maps claim to be Tuxion Road but infact a private road without access. GPS takes you on a magical mystery tour of Wild Dog road before you end up heading back down to Apollo Bay in disgust. 


Keep going into Apollo Bay and turn right into Cawood Street. Cawood Street becomes Tuxion Road. Travel along Tuxion Road until you take hard right corner, where you can see a small radio installation. You can turn right to proceed to the end of the access track, which is the lookout, and the closest point to the actual hilltop (345 m ASL) which is on private land however this intersection is at 330 m ASL, so inside the activation zone. 


Setup using the fence to secure squid pole and deployed the end fed. Used the boothy bag to hide from showers and stay dry.

SSB and CW contacts before packing up to be home in time for tea.

APRS. Disappointing, but considering the forest cover not suprising.

APRS 19042015

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