17052015 – VOTA – VK3/VC-026

17052015VK3/VC-026 Mt Moorookyle

View 001

View from Mt Moorookyle. Mt Kooroocheang to the left. Mt Buninyong is to the right. Trying to get a view of the volcanic circle.

 This summit may qualify for VOTA. as it is on the edge of the of  Western Victoria Volcanic Plains.  The Western Victorian Volcanic Plains have been quiet for thousands of years. There have been no earthquakes or other signs of activity. It is not known why the volcanos stopped, and some scientists believe that the volcanos on the plains are not extinct, but dormant.


This summit is on private land. I have driven past several times and even called on a couple of houses at the base without finding anyone home. Have not been out for a couple of weeks as have had other duties to address. Given the great weather and proximity and status of not yet activated, I decided to go and track down access to add this one to my bag. APRS view001Spent a hour tracking down the owners.

Started at the houses at the base which lead me to AGF Seeds back in Smeaton. They are on the right just out of Smeaton heading north or on the left before town heading from the summit. Tom is the man to talk to. No issues with access. With permission secured it was back out to the summit.

This is cleared sheep and cropping land. There is a track to the summit but decided to park at the base and walk up due to the recent rain. Don’t want to be seeking assistance to unbog my car for the sake of a 30 minute walk. There is a small comms installation onsite. Suspect UHF given the antenna. Setup with the aid of fallen timber to support the squid pole. 

Log 17052015

Worked VK3VTH in Mount Buangor SP (VKFF-766),  VK2BJP on VK3/VE-126 and VK5GY in Cox Scrub CP(VKFF-824).

No CW contacts. Called on 7.032 for a while then went to 20m. Managed two 20m contacts. The band was active with DL and ZL stations. The end fed allows me to switch between 40m and 20m but didn’t make the DX contacts experiences with a dipole three weeks earlier. Always a compromise.

This only leaves VK3/VS-044 Mt Emu within 50Km of home that I have not activated now. 




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