24052015 – VK3/VN-024 & VK3/VN-026

24052015 – VK3/VN-024 (Mt Moliagul) VK3/VN-026 (Mt Bealiba)

This is in the Central Victoria Goldfields. More nuggets were taken from this area than any other Australian goldfield. The legendary “Welcome Stranger”, one of the largest natural gold nuggets ever, was discovered between these two summits.

Michele (XYL) and Darcie (PD) came with me for a day trip. We were not after gold but to qualify summits. Working through the close ones. 

VK3/VN-026 (Mt Bealiba)

This summit is behind Mataranka Scout Camp near Dunolly. A spot very familiar with but never chasing summits.


Heading out through Dunolly left at Goldsborough on St Arnaud – Dunolly Rd. Turn left into Log Brg road, following Martins Rd to turn right into First Rd. First road follows the ridge line. All 2WD but would be challenging in the wet. End up at a ’T’ intersection with a fence line to cross to the summit. Was not sure if the fence line marked private property as the land around here is a collection of state reserve and leased properties.

The end of First Rd is within the zone. Setup the dipole using a convent stump and got to work. Great signals all-round today.

Qualified the summit CW then move to SSB. Picked up a S2S VK1NAM/p3  on VK3/VN-001.


VK3/VN-024 (Mt Moliagul)

Great access. Head back to Goldsborough then head turn north on Dunnolly-Moliagul Rd, cross the Wimmera HW and down Wedderburn-Dunnolly rd to turn left at the MT Moliagul Road. Follow the track up to the summit. There are comms setup on the summit. No noise from the equipment. Clear open area with plenty of options for setup. Deployed the dipole again


First task was to gain S2S with VK3HN on VK3/VC-016. Once secured then off to to qualify the summit on CW. Back to 40m SSB then went up to 20m for a while.

RBMGate 24052015

Picked up by VK4CT to be alerted by the RBNGate network. Final contact was a S2S with VK3DBP on VK3/VC-007. This was Paul’s first activation so happy to get into his log.


APRS worked. Not surprising given the location of VK3RCU.

APRS 25052015



2 responses to “24052015 – VK3/VN-024 & VK3/VN-026”

  1. Paul R. Taylor says :

    Thanks for the s2s also Allen. Will have to brush up on my cw to join you down the bottom end. Paul vk3hn

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